Services & Maintenance

Rest assured ! You are in good hands.

What could be more natural than calling on the manufacturer to guarantee , for all your installations, mobile stages and lifting equipment!

Europodium offers to carry out all your upkeep and maintenance on your mobile stages STAGECARHYDRAU & ALPHASTAGE and all your stage installations.

Revisions, upgrades, upgrades, we will be able to make you the most competitive offer with our turnkey packages, our maintenance contracts, all covering 55 basic control points, or even heavy rehabilitations integrating our latest innovations.

For all our fixed prices, after control, we will propose to you on estimate, the minimum works necessary, if obligatory, so that your equipment be operational without worry.

”You will no longer come to us by chance…”

After each intervention, you will receive a report indicating the nature of the work carried out and we will issue you a certificate of conformity that you can send to the inspection bodies, managers, organizers or your insurance companies. who will ask you. Thus, you will not suffer the risk of a date cancellation for non-compliance. A real comfort for you!

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