EUROPODIUM designs and manufactures mobile stages of several sizes for show and event industry, as well as political tours since 2001. We have taken into account many very high standards from our customers to obtain the safest mobile stages, which already show their capacity in more than 35 countries throughout the World. High humidity and temperature in Africa, as well as extremely cold weather in Russia or Norway for example are not a problem for EUROPODIUM thanks to the quality of the material used, and the hard work done since more than twelve years from now.

The ALPHATRUCK® is « THE » car-podium. Its wide equipment list, its ease of assembly, and its high quality of finishing, are making the ALPHATRUCK® an essential product for professionals. The use of hydraulic systems to open the roof and the stage’s floor is giving the possibility to install the mobile stage with almost no effort with only one person and for only 30 minutes. This considerable advantage offers an improved mobility allowing its installation in several places during the same day, and by the way giving an enhanced exposure to your communication campaigns.

The ALPHATRUCK® is equipped with a 32 m² stage floor made of black marine plywood resisting to 500 Kg/m². Its truss kit in front of the stage made of G30T triangular trusses offers the possibility to suspend any type of equipment as sounds and lights equipments, or communication tools for example.

Hydraulic jacks are also installed under the chassis enhancing the leveling of the stage’s floor which can be adjusted between 1,10 m to 1,50 m with very simple remote controller located at the back of the truck.

A generator set Hyundai 11Kw is located directly in the truck, in a special room called piloting cab. This generator will distribute a regular and constant electric power to the hydraulic system, and to the 20 different plugs located spread across the stage and piloting cabinet making this mobile stage a 100% power independent podium.

The cabinet is located just behind the driver’s space, and has two accesses: from the back of the stage and directly from the stage.

Finally, with a total driving weight of 11 T on two axles, the ALPHATRUCK® is able to transport a total of 8 T of equipments in its 30 m3 of available space.

All those features are making of the ALPHATRUCK® a powerful performance tool, ideal for artists, as well as for all kinds of speech, as political tours for example, or any kind of shows.

Podium mobile Alphatruck Europodium
Length (A) 11,50 m
Width (B) 2,55 m
Height (C) 4,10 m
Length (D) 8,75 m
Weight 11 T
Authorized gross weight 19 T
Axle 2
Electrical road signs CE
Stage Floor
Length x Depth 7 x 4,60 m
Clearance 2,70 m
Stage floor height 1,10 / 1,50 m
Floor resistance 500 Kg / m²
Size 32 m²
Material Dark brown slip-proof marin plywood
Hyundai generator set 11 kW
Electrical plugs 20 plugs 220V + 4 outside waterproff plugs
Stage floor /roof opening by hydraulics jacks
Cabin access 2 doors (1 in the rear and 1 from the stage)
Front aluminium truss G30T
  Sounds, lights and generatir controlled from the cab
Wind resistance
Covered 72 Km / h
Without side tarpaulin 100 Km / h